The GM5-40P product of Beijing People's Electric Factory Co., Ltd. won the 40th Anniversary of Reform and Opening-up-Outstanding Product in Machinery Industry

The 40th Anniversary of Reform and Opening-up --- Outstanding Products of Machinery Industry"campaign aims to fully display the development track of the struggle of machinery industry by collecting and publicizing a batch of symbolic products, to show the important achievements of innovation and enterprising of enterprises, to help enterprises expand product markets, promote transformation and upgrading, and to realize the transformation from big to strong.
The declared project was first examined by the consulting office and relevant experts, reviewed by professional associations, re-evaluated by experts and put forward a list of suggestions. After being submitted to the office of the president of China Online Federation for confirmation, it was publicized by the society. Finally, the GM5-40P series photovoltaic DC forward and reverse current protection miniature circuit breaker of Beijing People's Electric Appliance Factory Co., Ltd. was awarded the title. The selected products reflect the enterprise's adherence to innovation-driven, and to a certain extent, represent the achievements and level of independent innovation in the industry.



GM5-40P Series Photovoltaic DC Bidirectional Protection Miniature Circuit Breakers

1 uses
GM5-40P series miniature circuit breaker is one of the new type circuit breakers developed by our factory based on the latest international standards and the leading design and manufacturing technology. Its rated working voltage can reach up to DC1500V, rated working current is 6A to 40A, suitable for photovoltaic power generation system. Circuit breaker has the function of overload and short circuit protection, which can protect transmission lines and power equipment from damage. GM5-40P can provide reliable protection for modules and lines for the reverse current generated by faulty photovoltaic strings.

02. Main characteristics
(1) The sixth DC arc extinguishing technology, i.e. DC arc non-eddy current fast diffusion technology, is used to provide safe and reliable protection for photovoltaic strings. When DC current is interrupted by operation or fault current protection, the arc generated should not produce eddy current phenomenon. Arc should be transferred to arc-triggering plate behind arc extinguishing chamber to form arc circuit. The arc resistance between dynamic and static contacts is greater than that between static contacts and arc extinguishing chamber, and the de-ionization effect is greater than that between static contacts and arc extinguishing chamber. The new technology of DC interruption without eddy current rapid diffusion arc transfer makes the arc diffusion longer and wider, and the arc cooling faster. It is the main technical means to improve the voltage value and the interruption ability. This product can reach the maximum rated working voltage of DC1500V, the breaking capacity is 1.5kA; (2) smaller size: each pole width is only 18mm (working voltage can reach DC500V), DIN rail installation can greatly save space and improve duty cycle; (3) higher voltage: rated voltage is up to 1500VDC, rated continuous working current is up to 40A; (4) higher reference temperature: to meet UL489B standards The scope of application is wider.

03. Comparisons with similar foreign products
By comparing and analyzing the main parameters of similar products at home and abroad, we can see that:
(1) At present, the 4P of the same kind of micro-breaking products in the market can reach 1200 VDC, while the 4P of GM5-40P products in our factory can reach 1500 VDC, which meets the requirements of DC 1500V working voltage of photovoltaic power generation system; (2) The 4P width of the same kind of micro-breaking products reaches 100 mm, while the width of GM5-40P4P products in our factory is only 72 mm, which decreases by 1/3, and improves the duty cycle of the box; in addition, the 4P/7 of other manufacturers also enhances the duty cycle of the box. The rated working voltage under 2 mm width is only DC1000V; (3) The working environment temperature of GM5-40P is -45 ~70 ~C, which can fully meet the requirements of harsh application environment of photovoltaic power generation system and ensure the safe and reliable operation of photovoltaic power generation system.

04. Marketing
This product has won unanimous praise from domestic and foreign customers since it was put into the market. Besides being widely used in major domestic photovoltaic power plants, such as the Wuwei 50MW photovoltaic project of Zhongshui Construction in Gansu Province, it is also exported to Japan and other countries with a complete set. It has been applied in many foreign projects, such as the work of Seven Tail Sunshine Power Station in Beilu, and the light of Waste Bang Sunshine Power Station in Ruolin District of Miyagi City. Volt project. Over the past three years, the product has sold 450,000 units, with sales reaching more than 30 million yuan. With the vigorous development of photovoltaic industry at home and abroad, this product has a broad market prospect.

05. Application cases
Application Case 1: Wuwei 50MW Photovoltaic Project in Gansu Zhongshui
User: Zhongshui Group
Location: Qinglin Township, Fengle Township, Northwest Liangzhou District, Wuwei City, Gansu Province, north of Yongchang County
Time of use: March 2013
Usage effect: Since March 2013, the product has been in good condition, no malfunction or rejection occurred, and reliable protection can be achieved when the photovoltaic system fails.
Application Case 2: Construction of Seven Tail Sunshine Power Station in North China
User: JFE Electric Company
Location of the project: Takeshi Shigawa, Japan, 3-3 Takeshi Yamada
Time of use: October 20, 2016
Usage effect: Since October 2016, the product has been in good condition, no malfunction or rejection occurred, and reliable protection can be achieved when the photovoltaic system fails.
Application Case 3: Miyagi City Yaoxiantai Ruolin Waterfront Sunshine Power Station
User: JFE Electric Company
Location of the project: 133 pieces of barren bangs in Ruolin District, Miyagi City
Time of use: October 20, 2016
The company has always put the concept of innovation throughout all levels of technology and services, carefully build every product and solution. Through this award, the industry influence of Beijing People's Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. in the field of renewable energy is demonstrated again, and the leading position in the domestic market in the field of low voltage electrical appliances is demonstrated. The comprehensive competitiveness of technology progress, development innovation and enterprise management is fully demonstrated.Beijing People's Electrical Appliance Factory Co., Ltd. adheres to the value orientation of "exceeding customer value demand", develops high and new technologies with independent intellectual property rights, and innovates the transformation and application of proprietary technologies. Continue to give full play to the advantages of "high-performance products, excellent quality, thoughtful service" and strive to build a "global special electrical research base" strategic planning, so as to continue to lay our company's important position in the domestic market of the same industry.